Adjectives of personality in a student-centred classroom.

  I feel that our lessons should be designed in a way that gives the students more of a choice over the content,  including things they value personally. We should try to give up absolute control and let the students take charge of their learning.  If we allow them to make their own choices when it comes to, for... Continue Reading →


Games children play – TRIVIA MIX UP

All over the world, in every culture and country, children play games. While these games may vary from place to place, you will still recognize them in one form or another. The following lesson idea aims at encouraging speaking in the context of games and game instructions. It comes with a PowerPoint game ready to use... Continue Reading →

First day activities

  Whether you like it or not, it´s time to go back to school! Here comes my personal favourite first day activity I have used over the years. I hope you will find it as useful and fun to teach as I´ve had! Levels: Can be adapted for all levels Aimed at: Young learners/young adults/adults... Continue Reading →

Creativity in the classroom – idioms

  Levels: B1/B2/C1/C2 (You could easily pick and choose appropriate idioms for each level and age group but try to avoid teaching idioms to beginners. It might be confusing at this very initial stage of learning.) Aimed at: Young learners/young adults/adults Aims: To enhance students´ knowledge in the lexical field of idiomatic expressions/To encourage group... Continue Reading →

Cultural focus – The British

  Cultural focus – The British Level(s): (B1) Intermediate/ (B2) Upper-Intermediate Aimed at: Teenagers/young adults/adults Aims: Speaking/ Vocabulary in the context of stereotypes about the British and Britain and British cultural symbols/Authentic reading Materials: Handouts 1&2 Time: +/- 60 min Article link: 1. Begin by asking the students if they would like the chance... Continue Reading →

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