Building Connections – practical lesson ideas

APPI, the Portuguese Association for English Teachers,  held their 33rd National Conference in Lisbon from the 3rd to 5th of May. It took place at Instituto Universitario de Lisboa and this year´s theme was "Building Connections". I had the pleasure to attend a few, truly inspirational talks/workshops on Sunday and because I can´t just keep... Continue Reading →

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Painting with Van Gogh – CLIL lesson

Do you ever bring art into your ESL classroom? Here´s a lesson idea you can use to get creative and teach English at the same time! Lead-in Have the self-portrait of Van Gogh displayed on the board: Source: google images Ask the students to work in pairs and answer the questions: - Who is this?... Continue Reading →

Drawing dictation with a twist

Levels: A1+ Aimed at: Young learners/teens Aims: To encourage speaking in the context of describing a picture/ vocabulary revision - propositions of place/to practise giving instructions/ there is…/there are...structure/to encourage pair work Time: +/- 15 minutes Materials: Any drawing (based on the language you´ve studied or want to revise) Drawing dictation is a fairly popular... Continue Reading →

The missing Santa

December is here again and it´s time to create some new Christmas activities for our students to enjoy! I hope you will find the following idea as useful and fun to teach as I have! Levels: A1+ Aimed at: Young learners/teens Aims: To encourage speaking in the context of describing faces/ vocabulary revision/`has got`structure/to encourage... Continue Reading →

Halloween Trivia

Aimed at: Young Learners/Young Adults/Adults Levels: B1+ Materials: Halloween Trivia - Power Point Game: HalloweenTrivia Time: +/-15 minutes This is a fun HALLOWEEN TRIVIA quiz for one of your October lessons. It can be used as a warmer at the beginning of your Halloween lesson or as a filler at the end. Split the class... Continue Reading →

Postcard challenge

In this digital age, it´s very easy to stay in touch with people via internet and social media but nothing can beat the feeling when you find a postcard in your "snail" mail. It can truly brighten your day!  I think postcard sending tradition is definitely worth fighting for, don't you? The following lesson idea... Continue Reading →

Summer poems

The design of this lesson is inspired by and adapted from the lesson plan that can be found in 500 Activities For The Primary Classroom: Levels: All Aimed at: Young learners/Teenagers/Young adults/adults Aims: To incorporate poetry in the classroom/to promote learning through poetry use/to help students express ideas that are meaningful to them/to provide an effective and... Continue Reading →

Let´s debate!

Schools around the world are often encouraged to organize more outdoor activities and field trips towards the end of the school year. Are field trips worth all the time and effort required to make them successful? In the following lesson idea students will have an opportunity to debate the pros and cons of field trips.... Continue Reading →

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