New Year, New Rules: The Englishometre!

We all know how important it is to encourage students to use the English language in the classroom from day one. But if you have ever tried to eliminate ( *sigh* ) or at least reduce the use of students´ L1, you will probably agree that this can be a very daunting task. So, here... Continue Reading →


Christmas Trivia

Levels: B1/B2/C1 This is a fun CHRISTMAS TRIVIA quiz for the last day of term. It can be used as a warmer at the beginning of your Christmas lesson or as a filler at the end. Split the class into small groups and have them come up with a festive team name! Explain that the aim of the game... Continue Reading →

A Christmas tree with a twist

December is here again and it´s time to create some new Christmas activities for our students to enjoy! I hope you will find the following idea as useful and fun to teach as I have! Levels: B1/B2 Aimed at: Young learners/young adults/adults Aims: To encourage reading, speaking and writing in the context of Christmas/ Revision of... Continue Reading →

Last Christmas – old favourite with a twist

Levels: B1/B2 Aimed at: Young learners/young adults/adults Aims: To practise listening skills in a memorable way /To expand vocabulary range/To review Past Simple verb forms/To encourage speaking in the context of Christmas Time: +/- 45 minutes Materials: Fly swats/Handout 1: Handout1LASTCHRISTMAS YouTube video of Last Christmas by WHAM: 1.  What was your last Christmas... Continue Reading →

The special dates game

In the following lesson idea, students learn about bank holidays in the UK, design their own board game, practise saying dates in English and answer questions about dates that are important to them.   Level(s): (B1+) Intermediate Aimed at: Teenagers/young adults/adults Aims: Vocabulary in the context of bank holidays in the UK/vocabulary needed to design a game/saying... Continue Reading →

The world in numbers

In the following lesson idea, students practise saying numbers and learn how to say `zero`in English.   Level(s): (B1) Intermediate/(B2) Upper-Intermediate Aimed at: Teenagers/young adults/adults Aims: Speaking/Practising saying large numbers/Reading Materials: Handout 1 (Quiz questions and the answer key) Handout 1.numbersdocx Time: +/- 60 min The number facts and figures used in this lesson plan... Continue Reading →

The power of a post-it note – informal email writing

  There are many useful things I always keep in my teacher´s toolbox:   Apart from the basic classroom supplies, I always have a stack of the post-it notes with me. The sticky notes not only help me stay more organized but also are an incredibly useful teaching tool. They help increase students´engagement in the lessons, especially needed when developing writing skills,... Continue Reading →

My beliefs as a teacher

  My teaching philosophy consists of many beliefs about teaching and learning. Here are 5 of my key beliefs, each followed by an article providing some more food for thought and practical ideas we can use to vary our approach to teaching: 1. Motivation is one of the keys to successful language learning As a language learner and teacher,... Continue Reading →

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