Let´s get positive! Popular inspirational quotes and how to use them in class

Levels: Intermediate/Upper-intermediate/Advanced Category: Warmers and fillers Aimed at: Teenagers/Young adults/adults Aims: To encourage speaking in the context of motivational quotes/ To expand students´vocabulary/ To encourage group work and critical thinking/ To promote interaction/ To increase students´motivation/ To make learning memorable Materials: A set of inspirational quotes of your choice or: handoutquotations All the inspirational quotes used... Continue Reading →


Sore throat listening challenge

Aimed at: Young learners/young adults/adults LEVEL(s): Could easily be adapted for all levels/you adjust the level of difficulty/choose appropriate texts LANGUAGE: Anything you have (recently) taught/talked about I have based this particular lesson on Easter and Easter traditions AIMS: To encourage the students to ask for clarification and guess the words omitted from the text MATERIALS:... Continue Reading →

Pick-up lines – the beginning of love?

  The cheesiest celebration of the year is coming... In the following lesson idea, students will learn some cheesy pick-up lines and put downs in English, practise identifying words in an authentic listening text and create their own pick-up lines! Levels: Intermediate/Upper-intermediate Aimed at: Young adults/adults Aims: Speaking/identifying words in an authentic listening text/Pick-up lines -... Continue Reading →

Build a tower, build a team! Life skills: Teamwork

I have recently come across a very thought-provoking speech by Jack Ma, a world-famous businessman and...a former English teacher! In the speech, he points out that today´s education system is far too knowledge based. He suggests that teachers should also focus on developing students´soft skills: teach values, believing, independent thinking, teamwork and care for others. "Everything we teach should... Continue Reading →

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