Last week of school – time to say goodbye!

With summer approaching fast, our students often have short attention spans and more energy. You may want to plan something different for the final week. Here comes my personal favourite last day activity I have used over the years.

I hope you will find it as useful and fun to teach as I´ve had!

Levels: Can be adapted for all levels

Aimed at: Young learners/young adults/adults

Aims: To revise different ways of talking about the future//To practise reading/To encourage speaking in the context of summer holidays/vocabulary focus: ways of saying goodbye

Time: +/- 60 minutes

Materials: 1 sheet of A4 paper for each student/coloured pencils (for young learners)/Blu- tack



1.Distribute one A4 paper for each student. Write your name on the board and have students write their names in the middle of their A4 papers. Explain the students that you are going to tell them about your summer holiday plans/intensions. Start drawing lines, as in the spider chart, and write up whatever structure you find appropriate for students´ level.

I usually start with “is” and ask the group to finish it for me. It´s a great way to revise different ways of talking about the future you have covered this year! They tend to be extremely creative:

Kasia is flying to Mars on Sunday.

Have students copy the structure from the board and finish it with their own ideas about their summer holidays. Explain that it doesn´t necessarily need to be true and encourage the group to use humour:

Kasia hopes to win a lottery.

Kasia might start dating Brad Pitt, etc.

+/- 10 minutes

3. Continue filling up the board with different structures and ask the students to do the same on their A4 papers. Pause after each structure and make sure everybody has finished. Some students might need more time than others to come up with ideas. Ask those who have finished to help out! At the end of this part everyone in the class should have something similar to this on their A4 paper (completed):


+/- 20 minutes

4. Collect the A4 papers from the students and place them around the room (use Blu-Tack to stick them to walls/board/door/windows etc.) Ask the students to walk around the room and read their classmates´ papers. Explain that the objective here is to try to remember as many interesting details about their classmates holiday plans/intentions as they can.

+/-10 minutes

5. Have students work in groups and tell one another what they have learned about their classmates´ holidays.

+/- 10 minutes

6. Different ways of saying GOODBYE!:
Ask your students to work in small groups and make a list of different ways of saying GOODBYE.

Have their ideas listed on the board and add some of your own ideas to their lists.  At the end of this activity you should have something similar to this on the board:


Ask your students to work in pairs and organize the goodbyes from the board under the following categories:





Have a brief class feedback

+/- 10 minutes

We all hope it´s not a final goodbye… It´s see you in September!!!


What are your favourite last day of school activities? I would love to hear from you!

Happy creating!

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