Summer poems

The design of this lesson is inspired by and adapted from the lesson plan that can be found in 500 Activities For The Primary Classroom:

Levels: All

Aimed at: Young learners/Teenagers/Young adults/adults

Aims: To incorporate poetry in the classroom/to promote learning through poetry use/to help students express ideas that are meaningful to them/to provide an effective and collaborative way of language learning and of personal expression/to encourage creativity/to promote interaction

Materials: An example of a shaped poem/paper or card/coloured pencils

Time: 45 min

1.  Have the students work in small groups and make a list of things they love about the summer season.

+/- 5 min

Ask the students to come out to the board and list their ideas.

+/- 5 min

2. Tell the students that they are going to write a shaped poem (a poem which is written and laid out in the shape of a picture of what it describes: Carol Read, 500 Activities For The Primary Classroom,  MACMILLAN BOOKS FOR TEACHERS).

Have the students work in pairs and choose one of the things from the board they would like to use as inspiration to their poems. Explain that you have prepared a poem inspired by a summer flower (feel free to use my poem here) and read it out to the students:

Beautiful flowers blooming

all summer long.

They make a perfect gift

to show someone you love them.

Summer flowers.

Summer love.


Tell the students that to create your shaped poem, you have first drawn a picture of a flower:



And then, you have written the sentences to make a shaped poem:


Have the students write a few sentences to describe the subject of their poems and then follow the procedure explained above. With younger groups, have them decorate their poems. Monitor closely to check their work before moving on to the last stage.

+/- 30 min

3. Collect the poems from the students and place them around the room (use Blu-Tack to stick them to walls/board/door/windows etc.) Ask the students to walk around the room and read their classmates´ poems. You can then vote for the best poem and create a wall display.

+/- 10 min

Happy creating!


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