Drawing dictation with a twist

Levels: A1+ Aimed at: Young learners/teens Aims: To encourage speaking in the context of describing a picture/ vocabulary revision - propositions of place/to practise giving instructions/ there is…/there are...structure/to encourage pair work Time: +/- 15 minutes Materials: Any drawing (based on the language you´ve studied or want to revise) Drawing dictation is a fairly popular... Continue Reading →


Halloween Trivia

Aimed at: Young Learners/Young Adults/Adults Levels: B1+ Materials: Halloween Trivia - Power Point Game: HalloweenTrivia Time: +/-15 minutes This is a fun HALLOWEEN TRIVIA quiz for one of your October lessons. It can be used as a warmer at the beginning of your Halloween lesson or as a filler at the end. Split the class... Continue Reading →

Postcard challenge

In this digital age, it´s very easy to stay in touch with people via internet and social media but nothing can beat the feeling when you find a postcard in your "snail" mail. It can truly brighten your day!  I think postcard sending tradition is definitely worth fighting for, don't you? The following lesson idea... Continue Reading →

Summer poems

The design of this lesson is inspired by and adapted from the lesson plan that can be found in 500 Activities For The Primary Classroom: https://sklep.macmillan.pl/productVariantGroup/974/-500-activities-for-the-primary-classroom.html Levels: All Aimed at: Young learners/Teenagers/Young adults/adults Aims: To incorporate poetry in the classroom/to promote learning through poetry use/to help students express ideas that are meaningful to them/to provide an effective and... Continue Reading →

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