Postcard challenge

In this digital age, it´s very easy to stay in touch with people via internet and social media but nothing can beat the feeling when you find a postcard in your "snail" mail. It can truly brighten your day!  I think postcard sending tradition is definitely worth fighting for, don't you? The following lesson idea... Continue Reading →


Let´s get positive! Popular inspirational quotes and how to use them in class

Levels: Intermediate/Upper-intermediate/Advanced Category: Warmers and fillers Aimed at: Teenagers/Young adults/adults Aims: To encourage speaking in the context of motivational quotes/ To expand students´vocabulary/ To encourage group work and critical thinking/ To promote interaction/ To increase students´motivation/ To make learning memorable Materials: A set of inspirational quotes of your choice or: handoutquotations All the inspirational quotes used... Continue Reading →

A Christmas tree with a twist

December is here again and it´s time to create some new Christmas activities for our students to enjoy! I hope you will find the following idea as useful and fun to teach as I have! Levels: B1/B2 Aimed at: Young learners/young adults/adults Aims: To encourage reading, speaking and writing in the context of Christmas/ Revision of... Continue Reading →

The special dates game

In the following lesson idea, students learn about bank holidays in the UK, design their own board game, practise saying dates in English and answer questions about dates that are important to them.   Level(s): (B1+) Intermediate Aimed at: Teenagers/young adults/adults Aims: Vocabulary in the context of bank holidays in the UK/vocabulary needed to design a game/saying... Continue Reading →

Creativity in the classroom – idioms

  Levels: B1/B2/C1/C2 (You could easily pick and choose appropriate idioms for each level and age group but try to avoid teaching idioms to beginners. It might be confusing at this very initial stage of learning.) Aimed at: Young learners/young adults/adults Aims: To enhance students´ knowledge in the lexical field of idiomatic expressions/To encourage group... Continue Reading →

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