Drawing dictation with a twist

Levels: A1+ Aimed at: Young learners/teens Aims: To encourage speaking in the context of describing a picture/ vocabulary revision - propositions of place/to practise giving instructions/ there is…/there are...structure/to encourage pair work Time: +/- 15 minutes Materials: Any drawing (based on the language you´ve studied or want to revise) Drawing dictation is a fairly popular... Continue Reading →


Postcard challenge

In this digital age, it´s very easy to stay in touch with people via internet and social media but nothing can beat the feeling when you find a postcard in your "snail" mail. It can truly brighten your day!  I think postcard sending tradition is definitely worth fighting for, don't you? The following lesson idea... Continue Reading →

Summer poems

The design of this lesson is inspired by and adapted from the lesson plan that can be found in 500 Activities For The Primary Classroom: https://sklep.macmillan.pl/productVariantGroup/974/-500-activities-for-the-primary-classroom.html Levels: All Aimed at: Young learners/Teenagers/Young adults/adults Aims: To incorporate poetry in the classroom/to promote learning through poetry use/to help students express ideas that are meaningful to them/to provide an effective and... Continue Reading →

Children´s Day with a twist

https://vimeo.com/270054995 On Children´s Day when adults can be children and principals naughty kids! The following lesson idea could be used on or just before the Children´s Day. Level: Intermediate + Age: Young Learners/Teens Aims: To build students´ reading, speaking and listening skills with poetry/To build a love for reading Materials: Make your own videos or https://vimeo.com/270054995... Continue Reading →

Build a tower, build a team! Life skills: Teamwork

I have recently come across a very thought-provoking speech by Jack Ma, a world-famous businessman and...a former English teacher! In the speech, he points out that today´s education system is far too knowledge based. He suggests that teachers should also focus on developing students´soft skills: teach values, believing, independent thinking, teamwork and care for others. "Everything we teach should... Continue Reading →

The special dates game

In the following lesson idea, students learn about bank holidays in the UK, design their own board game, practise saying dates in English and answer questions about dates that are important to them.   Level(s): (B1+) Intermediate Aimed at: Teenagers/young adults/adults Aims: Vocabulary in the context of bank holidays in the UK/vocabulary needed to design a game/saying... Continue Reading →

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